Uni things - Monumental Serenade

Hey guys!

Here in Portugal, the university life is so unique. There's a particular outfit, each piece having a specific meaning to it, and there are specific events throughout the year, celebrating students.

Well, last week was the Monumental serenade in Lisbon.

Thousands of students joined in our all black outfits, at the university campus.

As soon as it struck midnight, all students crossed our capes (yes capes. In case you were wondering, J.K. Rowling got her inspiration for the Hogwarts' outfit from Portuguese students), and a group went on stage and performed traditional student songs only using their voices and Portuguese guitars.

There was absolute silence. No one was allowed to clap and the focus was 100% on the performers.

There were emotions flooding everywhere. From the first timers who were just so excited to be there, to finalists who were sobbing already missing the student life (including myself in this group, even though I still have a year left haha).

It was m…

Birthday post! Feeling 23-eeee

So guys, it was my birthday yesterday and thought I'd share my day with you.

It's exam week so I wasn't really planning on doing anything special tbh, buuut I have the most amazing friends and family that made my day super duper special.

I started the day opening a package that my parents had sent me a few days before, especially for my birthday... it was full of sweets and goodies and two birthday cards, one from mum and another from dad. Need I say that a few tears may have shed? haha

Then, I spent the morning studying for this exam I had in the afternoon and then actually made it to the exam. It wasn't a complete disaster so my mood was pretty up there. Everyone in my class was super sweet and my girlfriends even surprised me with a bad full of goodies and THE CUTEST CARD EVER!!

I then went to meet with some of the boys and had some pancakes. Peanut butter and hot chocolate toppings with banana. Don't get me wrong, it was delicious but half way through, it was d…

My go-to reddish pink lip

Anyone who knows me, knows that makeup is my jimmy-jim-jam.

But lately, I've been kind of lazy when it comes to makeup. Yes, I do realize that my "lazy" is probably someone's full-on makeup.
Anywayssss, whatever makeup I do end up slapping on my face, normally involves this Sephora lip cream 84 - Rose Redux (€12.50). It goes with every damn thing!! 
It's a reddish pink and always makes me feel kind of a bad-ass. Maybe because of the "reddish" part. Who knows?
I usually tap the lip cream with my finger to make it softer and more natural. 
Easy to apply, lasts a long time and smells like cake. READY, SET, GO!
Am I wearing a onesie?

Have you ever tried these?
xoxo <3

The Most Delicious Pancakes in Lisbon. Zenith.

Last week I went to my favorite pancake spot in Lisbon, Zenith Brunch & Cocktail. 
I’ve only gone twice, but I can’t shut up about it for weeks after I stuff my face in their Oreo pancakes... I know. I know.
Since I always annoy my friends about it, thought I’d annoy you!!

If you aren’t already sold on the photo, ARE YOU OK? You should get that checked out. 
Pancakes with homemade Oreo ice-cream, a banana custard (sounds weird but tastes deliciouslyyyy delicious), with crushed Oreos and fresh strawberries. *mic drop*

I’ve been to a lot of pancake-selling-places in Lisbon (the real goal is to go to them all...), and Zenith has the best on-and-all experience for sure! 
   ♥ Delicious AF pancakes. Just scroll up and drool on the photo.     ♥ You don’t leave hungry!! Trust me on this!!    ♥ Everyone is super nice and smiley... yes, because grumpy staff always leaves me in a bad mood,  and makes the food taste funny. Too salty you know?    ♥ The environment is great and super chilled, filled w…

Strawberry Cream Cheese Puff

I don't really know what's been getting into me lately but I've been so into cooking lately. Those 1 minute videos on instagram are truly inspiring I swear.

Plus you can totally reinvent this recipe with other ingredients, put some beef and cheese maybe... or even make it vegetarian!

**SUPER EASY RECIPE! 10 minutes max!**

Hope you try this out!

Xoxo <3

#3 Thought of the day - WORST DATE IN THE HISTORY OF DATES

Today I went on a date.... What a date that was...

We met during Carnival, 2 weeks ago. He seemed nice so we exchanged instagrams (oh these millennials) and kept speaking for the next two weeks.

After 2 weeks of speaking on a daily level, I Metro-ed my way to the mall to meet up with him. We watched a movie that was ay-ok, nothing special to be honest.

He was really tall and handsome, and he definitely knew that... too much!

Then, the real part of the date began... Ready?

The mall we went to, was nearby the river here in Lisbon so the area is full of benches, trees and definitely perfect for a simple walk. That we did *insert yoda's voice here*

Well, to reach the outdoor area, we were forced to go though the entire mall. From the moment we left the movies, I noticed the guy was checking himself out on the reflection of every single front display of all stores. And I mean, every single one. And he occasionally stopped to fix his hair.

After the 4th stop, I called him out on it. And…

#2 Thought of the day - Losing flavor by how you eat food

So, I was having this discussion with a friend of mine today... about... well, food losing flavor by how you eat it

The conversation began because we were drooling about italian cuisine and how great, delicious, perfect, cheesy... I'm wandering off, aren't I?

As I was saying, we were talking about italian food and started talking about spaghetti bolognese (disclaimer: had to google its spelling), and one thing led to another and we started discussing about cutting or rolling the pasta. Are you shouting out the "right" answer yet?

Well the discussion began because my friend started saying that you should roll the past with the fork and that cutting the past isn't the same. NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST.

Isn't it the same though? I get sooo many mixed opinions about this. Personally, when I boil the pasta - Masterchef here I come - I snap the pasta in half. So it's the same right? No?

I mean, when you talk about eating a burger with silverware... That's totally …