What a Fail #1 - Clearasil Deep Pore Treatment Toner

What a fail... 

I've been using this toner for about 4 years now... It's great at clearing up your skin!! After using it in the morning and before going to bed, my skin feels clean and fresh!!

I mainly use this toner on my t-zone (which is where I get oily skin and where my blackheads grow... Gross I know).

But after a few weeks of using it HELL BREAKS LOOSE!!!

My skin starts developing these red pimples around my nose, forehead and chin. So basically, wherever I use the toner, these red pimples appear... 

And another problem is that they take forever to disappear!!!

I've also noticed that I can't put the toner on top of any blemishes cause it seems like it worsens them... Plus it burns like hell!!!!

So now, you're probably wondering why I've been using it for 4 years... Because it's so nice in the beginning... And I keep thinking "I'll just give it another chance!" And 4 years later, here we are.
Should I let it go... *let it goooo* ;)

If you love any particular toner, let me know in the comments. :)

Xoxo Jessy