Help with Eyeliner - Gel

I've used gel eyeliner forever and so I wanted to share some info about them cause surprisingly it seems really difficult but it's really not! :) here are my thoughts!

When I started getting interested in eyeliner (basically because I just couldn't draw a wing with a pen eyeliner. I would try to draw a wing and it would almost reach my ear... No joke.), I decided to start off by buying the MAC fluidline in Blacktrack - €18.50. This was because at the time, it was the only one everyone was talking about and the reviews were great!!!

Using the pot almost every single day *even if it was just to tight line*, when I reached 2/3 of it, the rest was completely dry!! I don't know if it was the fact that MAC pots don't fully close...

 I would try to draw a wing and chuncks of eyeliner would stick on to my lid... It was just gross! And pieces of eyeliner would then fall onto my eyelashes. The eyeliner that a had once loved so much, was now letting me down...

After some research about gel eyeliners, I decided to buy the Loreal "Super Liner Gel Intenza" - €10 and use it with a normal angled eyeliner brush (any brand will do really...). I was really curious to find out how a cheaper one would act. And honestly! It was great!!!!!! I wasn't really worried with the fact that it would dry faster, just because it was half the price of the MAC one... My policy, "if it's really cheap you won't be too disappointed".

The LOREAL one even comes with an eyeliner brush. Yes, it takes some getting used to. But lately, I've been using the LOREAL one, more often than the angled brush! I say that's a double WIN!! *\o/* *\o/*

The LOREAL gel eyeliner is long wearing, creamier than MAC eyeliners (so it will take longer to dry out), water proof, black and matte! That rhymed hehehe ;)

It's great!! Can't really put a fault to it.

I also have a NYX gel eyeliner in Jade - around €4. It's the most beautiful shade but oh man is it DRY!! And when I say it's dry, it is dry... It's soo dry!!! It kills me cause it's such a gorgeous and unique shade but it's such a pain to get on the brush!!

Let me know in the comments which are your favourite gel eyeliners!!! :)

Xoxo Jessy 💗