Review - MAC Velvet teddy, KIKO Colour-up long lasting eyeshadow in Fine Jade

Hey guys!
I went shopping yesterday and bought a couple things. :)

I bought a MAC lipstick in Velvet Teddy - €18.50

Velvet Teddy is a matte lipstick but don't worry cause it's not drying... I would describe it almost as a satin finish... Don't know why it's described as 'matte'. I'm my opinion it's not 100% matte... Never mind, each their own I guess... Lol

Plus, if you can't deal with lipsticks more on the matte/satin finish, you can always wear a lip balm before or after applying it!

The way I would describe it is 'a brown-ish, with a peachy undertone'. Hope you kind of got it! ;)

And OMG... It's sooo beautiful!! I never really got why everyone started freaking out about this shade. Now I do.
I only bought it yesterday and I know I'm gonna start coordinating my outfits around the lipstick (does anyone else do this?).

This lipstick goes with every eye look and skin tone.

I'm pale (like, if I go near a white wall, you might not see me. Hahaha), and on me the shade comes off across a peachy brown. It's the perfect nude!! 

Not too dark on the lips, but it isn't so light that I have to explain to people that I do in fact HAVE lips! #perfectlipstick

The only con about Velvet teddy is the longevity... I ate a cheeseburger (it was delicious in case you were wondering) and by the end of it, I only had lipstick on the outlines of my mouth... Not attractive at all.

I waited a while before buying this lipstick cause I have Faux also by MAC and thought they were so similar, it wasn't worth it. I was wrong. So wrong.
Faux is more pink (so is more mauve). This is the perfect lipstick if you want a more girly look!! :)
Oh so matte! From essence is lighter and so glossier that it looks kind of oily if you put too much...(this is so strange cause it's supposed to be matte! LIES)
Sephora 02 lip cream is a little darker. 

Here are some swatches.

Then, in the corner of my eye I noticed KIKO was having loads of sales so I decided to go peak...

I bought Colour-up long lasting eyeshadow in the shade 22 or Fine Jade - €3

This chubby stick kind of product was part of the Daring Game collection. It's probably limited edition, but normally these products are in KIKO stores for such a long time!

I believe without the sale, the chubby stick was around €7. So I got a great deal! Woopwoop *\o/*

I swatched every single shade there was but I wasn't leaning on any of them (with the exception of 22 of course).

The shade I picked is a Forrest green with a light green sheen. I donut normally like green but I thought this would look great with my brown eyes and with a simple outfit.

You can use the chubby stick as you wish. As an eyeshadow (to create the easiest smoky eye EVER) or even as an eyeliner. It's super creamy and quite easy to blend in the first SECONDS. And let me tell you, this does not budge once it has set! (I've washed my hands 3 times and the swatch is still there. Approved.)

All I used was the KIKO chubby stick and some mascara! :)

Hope you guys enjoyed this. :)
Xoxo Jessy 💗


  1. Adorei a cor do batom :)
    ainda não tenho nenhum da MAC, tenho que comprar um!
    The Perfect Blush

    1. Tens mesmo! Epa são tão lindos!!! E se acabares com 3 batons (ou qualquer coisa da mac) e devolveres as embalagens, tens direito a um batom ou lipgloss de graça!!!

      Esta é a minha desculpa para comprar muitos hehehehe ;)

      Obrigado pela visita!!!
      Xoxo jessy


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