Random Favorite - Tea Tree Oil

My random favorite for this week has been my Tea Tree Oil by The Body Shop - €6

Every week, I'll post my favorite item of the week. This can be anything really (makeup, accessory, music, tv show etc). It's a mini review basically. :)

I bought this pot thingy about 9 months ago and it has only reached half!! Whaaaat?!

The way I describe this product is 'a natural disinfectant'.

The way I use this product is,
-I put the product on a cotton swab and place it on top of a pimple or wound.

I have even replaced Betadine for this oil and so far so good!

Honestly, at €6 I honestly thought it was too expensive. But apparently not! Because you only use 1 to 2 drops at a time. So it'll last you ages!

I'm here talking about an 'oil' and my combination skinned girls are probably freaking out. Don't worry! I have a combination skin and so putting oils on my face is something I don't see myself doing in the near future lol. Don't want to be a disco ball thank you very much.

But this Tea Tree Oil DRIES the blemishes/wounds!! And it creates this really thin layer, to keep bacteria out.

The only negative I see in this oil is the smell... The smell is really strong once you apply it (specially if you put it on your face) but it fades after 2 minutes.

Many people also choose to dilute the oil in water and then spritz it on to the phones, tablets etc, to disinfect them. So far, I haven't tried this cause the thought of putting liquids near any technology FREAKS ME OUT. I would like to thank my ICT teacher for installing this fear in me.

What have been your favorites of the week?
Xoxo Jessy 💗