Worst Lipstick in the History of Lipsticks

Hey guys!! Today I wanted to share with you guys the BIGGEST MAKEUP FAIL EVER!!

I bought this about 4/5 years ago in Spain. It was when I was getting into makeup. I went to the store asking for a dark red. Instead I got this ugly, glossy, dark brown shade with a warm undertone... Urghhhh its shade name is Atomic red and it's by Deborah Milano - it cost me around €10 (never heard of it). I'm assuming it's called that because it's just a disaster waiting to happen...

I kept this shade because I thought, I can make it work! *Spoiler Alert* I CAN'T!

The packaging is pretty and ally it's definitely not worth it!!!

I've tried everything with this lipstick. I've tried using it from the bullet, or just dabbing it on my lips or mixing it with another lipstick to darken it... But it has sooo many problems! I might as well just form a list..

  • The smell is soo repulsing to me!! It smells like your grandmas lipstick after a gazillion years...
  • It's soooo slippery on the lips! 5 minutes later, it's all over your face... Literally. Once by lunchtime, my mum asked me if I had eaten chocolate because it was all over my face... It wasn't chocolate. It was this damn lipstick.
  • It has no stay on time STAY!! It doesn't stay as it's so slippery!
  • The shade is not flattering at all. 
  • I'm better off, melting some chocolate and smearing in on my lips! ;)

Excuse my dry ass hands... #workinprogress.

I thought I could make it work but I can't... And trust me I tried. 

Straight to the bin I say!!

Have you ever had any experience with this brand? Quite curious to know. :)

Stay dorky and weird!

Xoxo Jessy 💗