Random favorite - Edgy Earring

Hey guys!

I've had this earring kind of thing for several months now, but I feel like if you wear it with your hair down, you can't really see the earring...

But there has been a heat wave on the past week so I've been wearing my hair up quite a bit so... I had to (really had to cause it's so darn purtyyy) wear it! ;)

I can wear this with everything and it just makes my 'plain outfit' to an Edgy one!! It's a way to change the whole outfit without changing much. :)

It's from Bijoux Brigitte - €6

It has golden leaves and some diamonds (not real obviously) on some of the leaves. 

(With an effect on the picture. *Excuse my bra-strap showing*)

(No effect on the picture)

You only need 1 pierced ear. The earring only uses 1 hole at the bottom and it has a clip-on at the top of the ear.

Hope you enjoyed this post! 

Stay dorky and weird.

Xoxo Jessy ♥ 


  1. great post!!


    1. Thanks! :) and thanks for the visit
      Xoxo jessy

  2. I liked your earnings. Great post.


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