Women's Day Haul

Hey guys! :)

Yesterday I went to the movies with one of my best friends and we made sure we did a little shopping since there were a tonne of discounts (because of women's day). I didn't buy any clothing cause honestly I didn't really like anything... 

Personally I don't really pay attention to women's day cause to me, women's day is every day. "All day, err' day" is that what the kids are saying these days? lol 

But can I say no to shopping? No. No I can't. No I won't. 

Well, I went to Sephora, where they were having a 20% discount (woopwoop!) and bought the Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Fig - €20.90 (initially) but I got it for €16.72!!

I also bought bought Sephoras smoothing body scrub in Orange Blossom for €3. It smells great! 

Kiko was also having a 20% discount (I couldn't help myself) so I bought their Ultimate Pen long wear eyeliner in 05 Teal - €6.90 (initially) but I got it for €5.52! *sigh*

We then went to The Body Shop (who was also having a 20% discount... See a pattern here?), where I got the Lightening Touch in 01 - €15 (initially) and I got it for €11.24... Not sure if I'm regretting buying it... I'm gonna have to use it more to reach a conclusion. 

I'll write a review soon on all these products!!! :)

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Stay dorky and weird.

Xoxo Jessy ♥