Photo diary: Girls go North (of Portugal)

Hey guys!

Last week, there was a Veterinary Congress at one of my friends' (Ju) hometown, Santa Maria da Feira so we decided to make a trip out of it.

On Friday, we spent the entire day in Porto and since this was the first time I had ever been, Ju turned out to be an excellent tour guide!! hehe

On Saturday and Sunday, we spent most of our time at the Congress and sight-seeing though Santa Maria da Feira.

Needless to say we had the best time.

Yes my friends are pretty darn cute

 This is called a Francesinha - it's a sandwich with steak, sausage, ham. mildly spicy sauce and a shit load of cheese*drooling* 

That awkward posing though

Even the train station was gorgeous!

Torre dos Clérigos 

#nofilter #photoshopfree 

Castle of Santa Maria da Feira  


Storyline: Bea (the one on the right) slipped and almost fell so, as friends do, we laughed for a good half an hour. It was great.

It was a lovely weekend with the best company!

Hope you enjoyed this post! :)

Xoxo Jessy ♥


  1. So nice!

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  2. Gorgeous pictures!! Looks like a great weekend.

    xx Sara

  3. O Norte é lindo, sem dúvida! :)
    Um beijinho,

  4.  Olá , ótimo post. Há algum problema
    em republicar em meu web site , com link para seu blog ?

  5. Porque tem gente que ainda não consegue enxergar a importância de posts como
    este? Parabéns pelo material!

  6. You girls had fun! Nice pictures.

    Whenever you can, I'd love to have you over at my blog


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