Drove for the first time today and didn't crash!

Today was a historic day in my life and thought I'd share it with you.

My parents decided to take me to these empty streets and teach me how to drive. It was the first time I had ever made a car move! O.M.G.

And... I didn't crash! Not even on a sidewalk! I consider that a win!

I'm going to start taking my driving lessons (in Portugal you can only drive when you're 18) in February and to be honest, I was crapping myself with fear before getting behind the wheel.

But after all, it wasn't as scary as I had expected... Thank the lord!

I figured out you have more control of the breaks and that soothed me.

Sure ok... The maximum speed I got to was 20km/h but to be honest, it seemed as if I was going at 100km/h!!

And that was my little adventure of the day. Hope you had a great day!
Xoxo Jessy💗