Hair Inspirations #1 - LOB

Heyy! Lately I've been totally obsessed with the LOB... Yes a LOB... I too only found out today that a LOB is a longer version of a bob! Oh my, the things people make up these days...

Just the thought of someone saying "ouu cute LOB!" to someone, cracks me up!!! :D

Why so serious? * .*

Plus, I don't know about you guys, but personally, I am SUPER LAZY with hair and to be honest, not good at styling it... :\
But with shorter hair, I can straighten it, put loads of products in it (volumizing mousses and stuff... I told you I wasn't good at hair!! Haha), curl it (in many ways), frizz it etc!! 

When I had longer hair, I just didn't have the patience to style it. But now... Hold me back!!  I'm styling the crap out of my hair!! Heheheh

I'm thinking about cutting some extra centimeters of my LOB (still weirddd) and I found these amazing hairstyles during my research! And a pro about the LOB is that the messier it gets, the cuter it looks!!! :) #lowmaintenance

Xoxo Jessy 💗