Telling a Story: Unwanted Cats No More

Hey guys!

I don't really know about other places but normally here in Portugal, summer is a great month for people but not so much for pets. The hotter months are somehow the months where thousands of animals are left on the streets.

Maybe it's leaving their homes and going on vacations somewhere... Here I am trying to understand what goes on inside these people's minds, when there is just no possible explanation.

The abandonment of animals is NOT ok.

I have a strong opinion that if you decide to take in an animal to your home, you have the responsibility to it for the rest of its life. These animals did not choose to be a part of your life. Someone else did for them.

Those wooden boards you see in the picture above you, were in Quarteira (southern Portugal) near a fish market where many stray cats do their best to survive.

The boards. How adorable is that though? So sweet that whoever wrote that, decided to come back 2 years later to tell everyone the story. And now, so am I. Or at least trying to.

There are soo many kennels and associations (but yet always packed) that need our help. These are are normally unfunded and the adoption of these adorable animals brings benefits for everyone not just them! :)

One of many examples where you can go get yourself a friend and family member for life is;

Do you have any pets? Any rescue?

Xoxo Jessy


  1. I agree, my cat was abandoned here in London and we took her in after the poor thing had been on the streets for so many weeks. It breaks my heart when I see animals on the streets :/
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. aww good for you for rescuing an animal!! :) I feel the same way when I see these animals on the street :(

      Xoxo Jessy


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