Carnival is quite a big holiday here in Portugal.

I think it might have the same importance as Halloween, but it just lasts longer. While Halloween lasts only for one day, Carnival lasts for four days. Yes, FOUR DAYS!

People celebrate though out the country, with the most creative outfits, and children take their carnival celebrations to their schools, their school bags filled with silly strings and confetti.

Personally, I LOVE dressing up!! Absolutely love it. Being silly, having fun... My first outfit choice this year was a chick onesie buuuut because we were heading to a club, I thought maybe a portable sauna wasn't a good idea.

Nothing to wear as a costume? Just stuff your face with glitter and hope for the best...

My gorgeous friends and I.

Lust in rio - Lisbon.

Carnaval de Torres Vedras.

Obviously, the day after a night out called for... 

Do you celebrate carnival where you live?
Xoxo <3


  1. This is awesome! I would love to be part of such a fun carnival.

  2. Glitter on face look so cuuuute xx

  3. Never heard of this before, sounds interesting.

    Have a lovely weekend. Xo

    1. oh really? :o you should definitely check it out next year ;)
      Thanks you too!

      Xoxo <3


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