A Beautiful Flower. A Beautiful Tale.

Hey guys!
Today I felt inspired to write a post about the almond trees. You're probably confused. Let me explain...

Ps: here are some pictures of almond trees and also some goofy pictures of myself with the trees... I just couldn't help myself... Hehehe

Where I live, (southern Portugal in the region of the Algarve) around January/February, Almond trees start to bloom. When fully bloomed, these almond trees seem to be covered in snow! It doesn't snow in the Algarve so it's is truly wonderful to watch. For centuries, this tree has been a landmark or southern Portugal, and a reason for visit of many tourists. 

If you ever have the opportunity so witness this, you will truly understand the beauty and somewhat magical effect these flowers create.

But honestly, the truly magical part about these trees is the story or myth behind these trees.

When I was young and heading to school with my mum, she would always tell me the story about the young king and princess (Like all myths, there are a gazillion different versions but this one is my mums).

Once upon a time, a young, handsome and Portuguese King fell in love with a northern Princess. They got married and she left her country and moved to Portugal. During winter, the King caught her staring out the window sighing with heartache day after day. She explained to him that she missed the snow... It was something that comforted her, whilst being away from home.

During Spring, the King decided to plant Almond trees all across the Algarve, so that his love would feel like she had a little part of home with her. The trees would bloom and create these white flowers that were the closest he could find to actual snow.

When the following Winter arrived, the Princess looked out the window and saw snow! (Or what appeared to be snow)

Suddenly, the Princess literally turned her frown upside down, and so, the Princess became even more I love with her husband lived happily ever after.

I had always thought that this story was just so romantic and cute and wonderful and... Ahh... Brought warmth to my heart. Cheesy I know. But it always made me so happy. You know?

Don't even ask... Cause I don't even know...xp

I really hope you enjoyed this post! :)
Had you ever heard of the tale?

Stay dorky and weird.
Xoxo Jessy 💗