More 20 random facts about me...

Here are some more 20 random facts about me! :)

(Why did I wrap myself in a curtain...? I thought it looked cool... )

  1. Im terribly afraid of DOBBY (from Harry potter)!! I scream every time he shows up... I don't want to talk about this anymore...
  2. I have a squirrel called Alvin (but he's not very sociable).
  3. I also have a giant Persian cat called Fluffy (wow so original I know haha)
  4. I'm pretty sure Fluffy is gay.
  5. I love wearing clothes with animals on them (like hats with ears hehehe).
  6. I absolutely love dressing up for Halloween and Carnival.
  7. I've never smoked (neither am I curious. I hate smoke). #nojudgments
  8. When I go out, I always have a mojito with black vodka. OH.EM.GEE.
  9. I love dancing! At a club or in my bedroom.
  10. I don't really like dub-step. If there's just a little bit of it in a song, I don't mind. But if it's 3mins of dub-step... Thanks but no thanks.
  11. With the exception of dub-step, I love every type of music!
  12. I'm quite shy whenever I meet new people.
  13. I love spending the entire day I'm my jammies, watching movies and eating candy.
  14. I love shopping with my dad. Don't know why but he always finds the cutest things...hahaha
  15. I'm really into hats in the moment.
  16. I love going to the movies but most times, I can't bother... Anyone else like this? :/
  17. My favorite part about going out is where I get ready (makeup and stuff).
  18. I hate losing touch with friends. Specially the ones I've known for years. 
  19. I'm really bad at flirting with guys.
  20. I've never been in love. 

Feel free to comment some random facts about yourself. :)
Xoxo Jessy đź’—